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Benefits of AIS Assisted Stretching

Regular Active Assisted Isolated Stretching can enhance the quality of your life in many ways:

Joint Mobility & Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of Active Assisted Isolated Stretching is how quickly it increases your mobility in the safest possible way. As we age, our bodies lose flexibility and our joints lose mobility. Our muscles tighten, our joints no longer move freely. Movement becomes more strenuous; the risk of injury from our normal daily activities increases, and we do not recover as quickly as we once did.  You have most probably noticed this already. We can, however, slow this aging process through Functional Flexibility.

Effective Stress Relief

Stress is what triggers our “fight or flight” response to danger. So in a way, some level of stress is good. Stress increases our level of cortisol, a hormone produced in our adrenal glands. Excessive stress, however, is detrimental to our health, and all areas of your life are affected; your relationships, our ability to think clearly, our well-being, putting us at risk of heart attacks, cancer, and other serious medical conditions. By relaxing our muscles and releasing tensions in our bodies, AIS Assisted Stretching reduces our level of stress. The quickest way to relax the mind is by relaxing the body first.

Lower back & Shoulder Pain Relief

80% of back pain is due to poor posture. Postural imbalances force the body to compensate in order to keep us fairly straight. However, it puts enormous strain on our muscles and our spine. Most lower back pain is due to a misalignment of the pelvic, which will be quickly corrected with a proper application of Active Assisted Isolated Stretching treatment.

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Better Posture

A great posture exudes confidence and success. But not only that. Having a correctly aligned posture is essential for maintaining optimum energy levels, ensuring muscles function efficiently, and avoiding lower back pain which is often the consequence of prolonged structural imbalances.

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Higher Blood Circulation & Less Water Retention

Stretching, and more so when assisted, helps the blood circulate faster, delivering more oxygen to your tissues and organs, helping them function more effectively. This will also mean that if you are suffering from water retention or swelling in the legs due to poor circulation, your condition will greatly approve as you stretch more.

Every body needs to stretch. Start before it starts hurting

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