A man in suit stressed at work

Are you feeling stressed?

Stress Relief

We all experience stress one way or another, and each of us at a different degree. And we’re all constantly looking for ways to relieve our stress.

Stress puts you at risk of Cancer and Strokes 

Stress causes your muscles to contract, becoming tense.This tension can have very negative effects on just about every part of your body. So  it’s important to relieve our stress, to live a healthier and happier life and avoid deadly conditions like Cancer or Strokes.

Stretching has powerful stress reducing abilities.

Like all types of exercise, flexibility exercises such as stretching have powerful stress-reducing abilities.  It has great endorphin-boosting effects, improving your mood and the way you feel in general. Make your body feels good and your mind will follow.

Reduce your stress lying on a massage bed

and increase your flexibility at the same time. You may not have time to attend frequent yoga classes or you may find it hard to meditate. A session of Active Assisted Stretching will increase your flexibility, release endorphin, and relax both your mind and your body, with minimal effort on your part.

Try to fit in a session at the end of your work day, before heading home, or at a time you’re finding particularly challenging, and you need to relax.

Because Active Isolated Stretching helps increase your blood circulation, and the oxygenation of your cells, you will quite often feel more energized after a session.