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If you’re ready to move freely, relieve tight muscles, and reduce pain, our AIS Assisted Stretching programs are here to support you.

One Proven Technique. 

Limitless Benefits.

Assisted Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a scientifically designed flexibility system based on fundamental anatomical movements of joints, ligaments, and muscles.

The AIS stretching technique has been developed over decades of clinical trial and observation to become the advanced system for retraining and postural balance it is today.

By taking advantage of physiological laws, AIS creates a whole-body system that works with the body, not against it.

With AIS, we gently stretch a specific muscle, hold the stretch for 1.5 to 2 seconds, and then release. We repeat the movement several times.

This pumping action distributes, purified oxygen and vital nutrients into the muscle tissue.

Active Isolated Stretching performed on the hamstrings.

AIS Assisted Stretching offers a myriad of benefits:

Increased flexibility for seamless day-to-date movement

Improved posture leading to less back, neck, and shoulder pain

Injury prevention during everyday activities and sports

Deep relaxation by alleviating body tension

Freer mobility without joint and muscle pain

Higher sports performance due to increased range of motion

Centered on Methodical Results

There’s a reason why AIS assisted stretching yields consistent and predictable results with regular stretch sessions. Throughout the body, our muscles work in pairs. While one muscle contracts, the reciprocal muscle relaxes. From there, the relaxed muscle can be stretched safely with a 1.5 to 2-second hold period that prevents the stretch reflex.

By releasing your fascia and lengthening your muscles, our assisted stretching sessions improve your physiological wellness and muscle function. This innovative method was developed and refined over the past 50 years by Aaron Mattes, an acclaimed Florida kinesiologist.

Assisted Stretching on young client at Stretch Asia

Tailored Sessions to Align with Your Unique Body.

The personalised nature of our AIS assisted stretching is tailored to your unique lifestyle, natural barriers, and movement goals.

Our stretch therapists achieve lasting results while gently assisting you while performing each stretch. As a result, you can expect meaningful improvements while moving past pain and tightness. Even the tightest bodies see quick results from a regular assisted stretching program.

For over two decades, our certified AIS Stretch Therapists have supported clients seeking to elevate their athletic performance, recover quicker after an injury or strenuous exercise, and simply move better each and every day. AIS, our core competency, has proven tremendously effective and safe to relieve tight muscles.

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