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Pain-free Movement

By offering trusted Stretch Therapy in Hong Kong, our team at Stretch Asia restores your ability to move freely and elevates your quality of life.

personalized support

Restore your movement Range without the pain

We pride ourselves on delivering the best stretch therapy in Hong Kong, using advanced methodologies such as Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)  to relieve painimprove your postureincrease your flexibility, and more.

With each session, you can walk away feeling lighter and performing at a higher level.

After years of desk work and inactivity, our bodies can become stiff and uncomfortable. Tension accumulates in our necks and shoulders, and back pain develops. 

That's why in our stretching studio, we address the underlying cause of your muscular pain on the path to a pain-free and more active lifestyle.

360º Benefits

The Total-body Benefits of AIS Assisted stretching

By working with one of our certified AIS Stretch Therapists, you will enjoy countless key benefits that last well beyond your stretch session. 

reduced PAIN


fewer INJURies

easier movement

Assisted stretching promotes better sleep

improved sleep

greater energy

Who we serve

We work with clients from all walks of life, delivering meaningful improvements to mobility, flexibility, and overall well-being. Some of our common clients include:

  • Professionals who spend 8 hours or more at a desk
  • Executives whose busy schedules lead to a sedentary lifestyle
  • Individuals with back, neck, or joint pain seeking relief
  • Anyone hoping to reclaim increased activity and mobility in their life

the stretch asia advantage

Throughout Asia, our stretch therapy studio has an unmatched reputation for quality, personalization, and results. With over two decades of experience, we help clients live fuller lives.

Let’s discover how assisted stretching can transform your life too.

The Premier Stretching Studio in Hong Kong

With studio-wide oxygen purification, state-of-the-art equipment, and certified Stretch Therapists , our stretch therapy studio is the optimal environment for comfort, progress, and above all else, results.

top executives choose Stretch Asia

What clients are saying

I can walk freely and comfortably once again…

When I first came to Stretch Asia, I was suffering from considerable pain in my knees and hips and had to use a walking stick. The Active Isolated Stretching routines which I underwent not only greatly improved my gait and hip stability, but I am no longer in pain and I can walk freely and comfortably once again, without the aid of a walking stick.

Sir David Li - Bank of East Asia

I can see the difference a focused approach makes.

Wow! I have noticed my problems for a long time now and after trying yoga and Pilates, I was still not able to get to those problems. One session at Stretch Asia, and I can see the difference a focused approach makes. I feel great and am happy to know I have found somebody to help me!

Daniel Wu - Actor

getting started

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thorough assessment

After you schedule an initial session in our highly-rated stretch studio, we’ll start with a full posture and flexibility assessment. Next, we’ll move into 60-70 min of custom-tailored assisted stretching.

full treatment plan

Your therapist will build a comprehensive treatment program on your behalf, factoring in your unique lifestyle, pain points, fitness level, and activity goals. Together you will focus on getting the results you desire.

noticeable results

Between our stretch therapy sessions and your treatment plan, you will notice significant improvements in your range of motion, posture, and flexibility. This is just the beginning...


Our Stretch Asia Team

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Stretch Therapist

Jason Chong

Discover 13 Free At-Home Stretches

We invite you to try these 13 free stretches that you can perform from home. Our video course is the perfect way to start experiencing the life-changing benefits of stretching firsthand.


Educate our clients into a better quality of life, offering a unique & uncompromising service,

showing measurable & lasting results,

whilst building strong and trusting relationships.


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