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Sylvie Boidron, Passionate Owner of Stretch Asia

Sylvie Boidron

Founder and Passionate Owner

I’m originally from France and have studied Marketing and Management at INSEEC Business School, in Bordeaux. Whilst my team of therapists is far more knowledgeable about the human body that I am, my focus is on my customers…

Jake Salonga

Stretch Therapy - Functional Mobility

I have a dual background in both Sports Therapy and Performance Coaching. After successfully completed the AIS Assisted Stretching Certification course with Stretch Asia, I have discovered the effectiveness of this stretching method in relieving tension and movement restrictions that hinder one's performance. I love working with people for all walks of life and help them retain their mobility.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I speak English, Cantonese and some Mandarin.

Garimor Jamias

Stretch TherapY, Functional mobility

A former long distance runner, I have worked in the fitness industry for over 18 years. With a B.S. in Physical Therapy and certification in Resistance Movement Training and Flexibility, I help my clients overcome their aches and pains.

Sabrina Yamsuan

Stretch Therapy, Functional mobility for seniors

Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, I have now over 4,000 hours of hands-on experience in AIS. I have a genuine interest in the lives of my clients and love working with kids and the Elderly.

Eileen Gaza

Customer Care

I have joined the Stretch Asia team early January 2022 and have enjoyed every second I have spent with this wonderful team. I enjoy the kindness of our members with who I develop a very friendly relationship.

Nikita Shrestha

Stretch Therapy - Massage therapy

Holder of a Diploma from Clara International Aesthetic College Malaysia, I believes in using a holistic approach by combining my experience working in Hong Kong’s top Spas and Hotels and my newly acquired certification in AIS Assisted Stretching. I skilfully combine the healing benefits of massage, acupressure and assisted stretching to make you feel rejuvenated, limber and pain-free.

Jason Chong

Stretch Therapy

As a certified AIS Stretch Therapist, Jason is attentive with a personable demeanour. He enjoys working with business professionals, assisting them to relieve neck, upper body, hip and lower back issues resulting from tightness due to prolonged sitting at a desk. He also likes helping physically active clients with muscle recovery post exercise or sporting activities.

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