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Sylvie Boidron, Passionate Owner of Stretch Asia

Sylvie Boidron

Passionate Owner - THE BOSS

I’m originally from France and have studied Marketing and Management at INSEEC Business School, in Bordeaux. Whilst my team of therapists is far more knowledgeable about the human body that I am, my focus is on my customers…

Peter Schneider

Alexander Technique Teacher- DOWN UNDER

After more than 13,000 logged hours in the Stretch studio, I have a Master level of AIS expertise. I teach the Alexander Technique specialising in posture correction and biomechanics and I am also a qualified Personal Trainer.

Garimor Jamias

Stretch Therapist - the Wanderlust

A former long distance runner, I have worked in the fitness industry for over 18 years. With a B.S. in Physical Therapy and certification in Resistance Movement Training and Flexibility, I help my clients overcome their aches and pains.

Sabrina Yamsuan

Stretch Therapist - the master

Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, I have now over 3,000 hours of hands-on experience in AIS. I have a genuine interest in the lives of my clients and love working with kids and the Ederly.

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