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Assisted stretch is a very effective stress relief

Busy Executives

Busy executives who travel a lot and have little time to relax and stretch. Regular assisted stretching will make you more relaxed and more flexible, in little time and with a lot less effort. Stretching will release the tensions in your body, accumulated from long hours at your desk or travelling on a plane.

Growing children

Our children’s bones are growing through spurs. When the muscles of our little ones are tight, any growth spur will create very painful spasms. But you can help your children grow without physical pain by helping them maintain mobility and flexibility. Stretching will help relax and elongate the muscles allowing the bones to grow freely and painlessly.


Expecting mums-to-be experience a lot of changes in their bodies. The increasing weight of their growing baby is shifting their posture and creating pressure in their lower back particularly, as the body compensates for the postural imbalance. By applying Active Isolated Stretching to correct this shift in their posture, we, not only help relieve the pain, but also prevent its recurrence.  But that is not all. Expecting mothers will have a much easier delivery if their joints in the pelvic area have more range of motion.

Beginner exercisers

Anyone starting a yoga practice or exercise program, whose body has not been prepared for the extra strain would greatly benefit from a few sessions of Active Assisted Stretching.  They will significantly lower your risk of injuries that occur when the muscles are tight and trying to protect the structure. This is a must for every man and woman over 40 who lacks flexibility.


As we age, we naturally lose a lot of flexibility and mobility. You have probably already noticed. For more mature individuals, it is not always easy to join a flexibility program in the form of a class. By being stretched by a qualified and experienced Stretch Therapist, you lower your risk of injury and you increase your results by tenfold.  Try it. You will see.

Ready to give it a go?


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