What our clients say

When I first came to Stretch Asia, I was suffering from considerable pain in my knees and hips and had to use a walking stick. The Active Isolated Stretching routines which I underwent not only greatly improved my gait and hip stability, but I am no longer in pain and I can walk freely and comfortably once again, without the aid of a walking stick.

Sir David Li - Chairman & Chief Executive, The Bank of East Asia

Wow! I have noticed my problems for a long time now and after trying yoga and Pilates. I was still not able to get to those problems. One session and I can see the difference a focused approach makes. I feel great and am happy to know I have found somebody to help me!

Daniel Wu - Actor

I ’ve been coming for several years – really helps to de-stress and stretch the aging muscles. My voice gets deeper after a session – which is a sign of relaxation. One more thing and this is important – I just like coming here” (from the book Stretch Your Life)

Christine Loh - Hong Kong Civic Exchange

Having had a variety of injuries from Rugby and years of poor posture, Stretch Asia has consistently been the only place that fixes my issues. The staff is great and I highly recommend it

Jason Sigmon

Stretch Asia has helped me run faster and dance without pain in my knees and ankles.


Since I’ve been here, I am feeling so much better. My body feels better, less aches and pains. I have recommended friends here and they all love it.

Yeo KC

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