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If you have purchased a Classic Membership, we accept bookings, Monday through Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Classic Silver Membership: for members only

Classic Gold Membership: for members and their immediate family

Classic Platinum Membership: for members and their immediate family

We offer this Classic membership sporadically when a new therapist joins our team. Sign up for our monthly newsletter if you want to be kept in the loop.


With our ELITE Membership packages, enjoy priority and advance bookings, Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays from 8 am – 8 pm. We can accommodate earlier appointments upon request. A 24-hour notice is required if you want to cancel an early morning appointment at no cost.


The STRETCH ASIA ELITE SILVER Membership is individual and cannot be shared. You can, however, share your ELITE SILVER Membership rate (currently 20% Off) with family members, friends, and colleagues during the validity period of your ELITE SILVER Membership.

The STRETCH ASIA ELITE GOLD Membership can be shared with family members only. During your membership's validity period, you can share your membership rate (currently 25% off) with friends and colleagues. This means the friends and colleagues you refer to us can enjoy the same rate as you without having to purchase an ELITE GOLD Membership package.

The STRETCH ASIA ELITE PLATINUM Membership can now be shared with anyone you want, whether they are family, colleagues, friends, or business associates. You can either gift them one or more of your ELITE PLATINUM sessions or have them enjoy your ELITE PLATINUM membership rate (currently 30% off).


The STRETCH ASIA ELITE SILVER Membership package is valid for 12 months from time of purchase.

Both the STRETCH ASIA GOLD AND PLATINUM membership packages are valid for 24 months from time of purchase. 

You must use all your sessions within the validity period of your membership. If you cannot use your sessions during your membership validity period, you can extend them for a small yearly fee or transfer them to someone else. Keep an eye on our emails as our system is set to remind you, multiple times, to use your sessions during your membership validity period. Membership sessions are non-refundable.


ELITE MONTHLY PLAN members enjoy priority and advanced bookings, Monday – Saturday, and Public Holidays. 8 am-8 pm. We can accommodate earlier appointments upon request. A 24-hour notice is required if you want to cancel an early morning appointment.

ELITE MONTHLY Memberships can be suspended for up to 3 months or cancelled at any time. Unused sessions roll over to the following month for 12 months unless you cancel your plan. Sessions expire 12 months after payment unless you choose to extend them for a small fee.


Please ensure we have a valid email address and you have subscribed to receive our reminders and notifications. You may not be reminded of your membership’s expiration if you have not given us an email address.


We record all visits and purchases on our Mindbody Online site. You can access your visit history online or request a statement of past visits at any time. We no longer keep a physical record of your visits and payments unless you ask to sign a paper record.


Please connect to your account to check your account at any time and manage your appointments online.


We send an automatic confirmation email and/or sms every time you make an appointment. The email contains an attachment you can click on to add your appointment to your calendar.

You will receive an automatic reminder one day before your appointment. We accept last-minute bookings and walk-ins if they can be accommodated.

We are committed to starting and finishing all sessions on time. If you are late for your appointment, the missed time will be charged and might be compensated with extra time only if time permits.


We require a 3-hour notice to reschedule or cancel a weekday appointment at no charge and 24 hours for Saturdays, Public Holidays and early morning appointments (before 10 am).

Sessions cancelled outside of this Early Cancellation window. and missed appointments are charged in full.


To confirm and hold your initial session, we require to have your credit card details on file. We only require your card number and expiration date, not your security number, therefore your card cannot be used outside of our secured Stripe-based system. We will not charge your card unless you miss your appointment.


We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of your membership at any time. In case of a change, we will notify you by email during the validity of your membership.

We encourage you to save a pdf copy of these terms and conditions.

Updated on March 10, 2024.

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