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Join our Stretch Therapy team and start changing people's lives.

  • Have a real positive impact on people’s lives. 
  • Do something physical and highly rewarding.
  • That does not involve spending 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen.

Learn a new skill set | Get experience | Succeed.

At Stretch Asia, we want you to succeed.

We want your work to be appreciated and handsomely rewarded for the positive impact you have on our clients, our team, and our community.

Have a read below and apply if you’re keen on working with us. We can’t wait to meet you.

What will be expected of me?

  • You will perform 30 - 60 - 90 min one-on-one Practitioner Assisted Stretching, customizing each session to cater to the client's individual needs and goals.
  • You will make recommendations on session frequency and home care plans within the scope of practice.
  • You will create an excellent client experience through a friendly and helpful attitude as to generate loyalty through the subscription to one of our memberships.
  • If a member expresses concerns, you will handle these concerns in a manner that will always strengthen the relationship. The members' best interests, aligned with the company, will always be your priority. That is how you will make yourself more valuable to us and progress in your career.
  • You must follow all Stretch Asia policies and protocols. Providing consistency is half the battle when it comes to keeping clients.
  • You will assist the Front Desk and General Manager with studio tours and offsite events.
  • You will maintain a professional appearance at all times and keep the studio clean and tidy.
  • Professionalism is at the center of everything we do at Stretch Asia. We hold high standards in customer care. We serve a clientele that expects the best from us. We are committed to giving our members the best experience we can provide. Our goal is for you to be the best professional you can be so that we will guide you every step of the way. It would be best if you were open to receiving guidance when needed.

What does it take to succeed?

  • You hold a certification from NASM, ACE, ACSM, AFPA, AASFP or AFAA, have a degree in Sport Science, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Massage or equivalent, or are currently a student in Sport Science, Kinesiology or Physical Therapy with a strong interest in Fitness
  • Your ability to generate positive reviews and referrals will make you very popular and increase your earnings considerably.
  • A previous experience in personal training, fitness coaching, therapeutic bodywork, or related field is preferable, but if you are certified as required without any experience, do not let it stop you. Please send us your application. If we think you are coachable and have great potential with us, we will consider you.
  • You must effectively and comfortably communicate with clients throughout the entire service in English and/or Cantonese. If Cantonese is your first language, you will dramatically improve your spoken English, working with us.
  • You must love connecting with people and have a passion for helping them achieve their goals.
  • You must have a professional work ethic, be reliable, punctual, and flexible to the needs of the studio.
  • Working late shifts and weekends, including Public Holidays, will maximise your earnings, so be open to work at those times clients are more available.
  • You understand and believe in the benefits of assisted stretching and flexibility and are keen to learn our established AIS Assisted Stretching Program.

What do I get?

  • Full-time: 40 hours/week over 5.5 days
  • Part-time: Min 2-3 shifts x 5-6 hours each, per week
  • A loyal Elite clientele
  • A fun team of colleagues who love what they do
  • Employment growth opportunities
  • A new skill set: successful applicants will be accepted into our premium AIS Stretching Training program.
  • Base Salary and commission commensurate to experience and qualifications.

Take the first step towards more flexibility, restored mobility and a straighter posture