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Jason is eager to wow you with his AIS Assisted Stretch skills.

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here is A LITTLE BIT about jason

Jason is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who has trained consistently since 2013 under the professional guidance of Professor Rodrigo Caporal, a world-level competitor, instructor, and one of the original members of the internationally renowned ATOS Team.

After experiencing his fair share of injuries sustained through years of intense training, Jason developed an interest in physical and manual therapies, particularly how flexibility and mobility can aid recovery and enhance athletic performance. Therefore, he decided to pursue a Stretch Asia Stretch Professional Certification in AIS Assisted Stretching.

As a Stretch Therapist, Jason is attentive with a personable demeanour. He enjoys working with business professionals, assisting them in relieving neck, upper body, hip and lower back issues resulting from tightness due to prolonged desk sitting. He also likes helping athletes with muscle recovery post-workout or sporting activities. To date, everyone who has had a session with him has booked again. Chances are, you will too