Active Isolated Stretching

Senior Fitness Specialist

Sabrina Y.

An approachable, friendly member of our team, Sabrina holds a Kukkiwon 1st Dan Black Belt. She has practised and coached Tae Kwon Do since her teenage years.

A Graduate of B.S. Physical Therapy from the Philippines, Sabrina also holds a certification as Senior Fitness Specialist with AFPA. 

With over eight years of experience as an AIS Stretch TherapistSabrina is the therapist of choice of many of our senior members, who love her gentle touch and demeanour. But don’t be fooled; she has the strength to stretch clients much bigger than herself.

She has experience treating debilitating conditions like knee arthritis, hip degeneration, chronic neck pain and sore back from long hours sitting at a desk. She thrives on seeing her clients regain their mobility and freedom of movement.

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