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Our commitment to you goes way beyond the treatment we provide. Here is what you can expect when you put your trust in us.

We respect your time

Your time is important to us, so our sessions start and finish on time. There is no waiting at Stretch as we understand you live a busy life and want to be in control of your schedule. We would occasionally extend a session if you came late and your therapist has no client immediately after you, but do not count on it. If on the other hand you came early and your therapist was free, they would gladly start a few minutes early, to free you up early.

Utmost professionalism

Most of our therapists hold a physiotherapy certification from their country of origin and most of them are also personal trainers with years of experience. The dual qualification gives you the best of both worlds and assures you the quality of service and treatment you deserve.

Most effective training

When we first came to Hong Kong in 1997, few people were talking about the importance of flexibility training and stretching. Yoga was practiced in small studios by an elite group of connoisseurs. Today, we know flexibility is an essential part of any fitness regime. The big majority of the Stretch Therapists working in Hong Kong have trained, certified and worked at Stretch Asia.

Healthy and clean environment

The air in the studio is purified by 2 Oxyvital’s SplitAir Purifiers, designed to remove airborne bacteria, airborne viruses, particles, and odors, providing the cleanest and healthiest indoor air available.

The drinking water is provided by a Life Solutions reverse osmosis purifying systemthe most effective system that removes bacteria and heavy metals from drinking water.

The treatment beds, pillows, and belts are disinfected after each client, with an antiseptic solution. The studio is thoroughly cleaned every night. The washroom reserved for clients is located inside the studio for our exclusive use. We provide you with a change of T-shirt, shorts, and socks that are laundered after each use. We don’t compromise on hygiene.

When you are a member of Stretch Asia, you are part of our close community. We will remember your name; we will learn your preferences, when and how you prefer to be contacted. We will do anything we can to make your experience with us, the easiest and most enjoyable as possible. We welcome your feedback as it helps us improve.

Take the first step towards more flexibility, restored mobility and a straighter posture