AIS Assisted Stretching - Level 1

In this AIS Assisted Stretching - Level 1 online course, we teach you the 30 stretches we most commonly performed in an Assisted Stretching session at Stretch Asia. The course does not require any prior experience or fitness background but a fair knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology would be useful.

The course is divided into 2 modules: The Upper Body and The Lower Body.

The order in which the stretches are presented is not necessarily the order you will be performing them, but it's close.

Take your time to learn every stretch, and feel free to watch the videos several times to ensure you understand exactly what to do.

With each stretch, you will need to take the joint to its natural end range [of motion] and assist the stretch a little further, gently. Hold the stretch for 1.5 to 2 seconds and return to the start [or neutral] position and repeat, going a little further each time. This is how you will increase the joint's range of motion.

After taking this online course, you may want to upgrade to the AIS SPECIALIST Certification course or the AIS PROFESSIONAL Certification Course so you can practice all the stretches, demonstrated in the videos, with one of our Master Trainers.  You would then have the opportunity to ask all your questions and ensure you perform the stretches correctly and effectively.

Click here for more information on the AIS PROFESSIONAL Certification Course

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Free Online Stretching Course

Through these series of self-stretching tutorials, you will learn to perform some easy and very effective stretches you can perform on your own, whilst sitting at your desk or watching your favorite show, no matter how inflexible you are. You don't need to be a Pro to stretch like a Pro.

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