New Stretch Specialist Joins The Team

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After a 3-month Stretch Internship at Stretch Asia, during which Jason has learned and practiced the skills necessary to perform a Full Body Active Isolated Stretch, he is now ready to work our clients, current, past and new.

From now until the end of May 2021, enjoy 60% off the regular price when you book a session.

At HKD 648 per hour only, it's worth trying, isn't it?

Book a session for yourself or for a loved one, so you can both get stretched together.

If this is your first Stretch at Stretch Asia, or you have not visited us for while, book an Initial AIS Assisted Stretch. Your 90 min initial session will be charged as an hour only, and the first 30 min is on us. Jason will perform a flexibility assessment so you both can find out what areas of your body are the tightest and need release.

For now, Jason is available on Saturdays only between 9am and 6pm so book your session today before his schedule fills up.

Book a stretch with Jason

Therapist: Jason

20% Discount

on first visit