How we are keeping you safe

As we are facing the 4th wave of Covid-19 infection, we are being reminded of how critical it is to remain vigilant and not let our guards down, when it comes to protecting each other from possible infection.

At Stretch Asia, we have implemented and continue to respect a number of measures that has become the norm in a lot of similar establishments. Some of these measures were started in 2003, at the start of the SARS outbreak


measure 1

temperature control, Masks and hand sanitation

Every visitor and staff is required to check their body temperature when they enter the studio. If your body's temperature exceeds 37.2 degrees celsius, we will not let you enter the studio.

We require all visitors and staff to use the hand sanitiser provided at the front desk to disinfect their hands when they come in, and to wear a mask at all times during their visit.

Therapists frequently wash their hands during the day and systematically after each client.

measure 2

daily Studio disinfection  & after each client

Every night, after the last client has left the studio, we have the studio throughly cleaned in preparation for the next day.

All surfaces, including  massage beds, equipment, desks, telephones, computer keyboards, mouse devices, light switches, cabinets, cabinet doors, changing rooms, hangers, door knobs and handles, washroom fittings etc... are being wiped with a sanitising solution.  Every Wednesday, we have an even more thorough cleaning.

We disinfect the massage beds, bolsters, yoga mat and equipment after use.

We disinfect the washroom fittings - basin, counter, tap, soap dispenser, toilet seat and flush every hour.

Measure 3

curtains and 2m space between massage beds

Our spacious studio enables us to spread the beds and offer you space away from others.

We only treat a maximum of 4 clients at a time (it helps to have only 4 therapists working at any given time:) and we are offering early and late appointments (7am - 7pm) to accommodate those who want to avoid peak hours.

Measure 4

Oxyvital split-Air purifiers

These 2 state-of-the-art air purifiers are one of the most effective ways to keep airborne viruses at bay. We have always believed in good indoor air quality. The air you breathe at the studio is the purest you can get in the city.

The Hong Kong government has launched the LeavehomeSafe initiative. We invite you to download the Leavehomesafe application - DOWNLOAD HERE - and record your visit when you visit Stretch Asia.

Written by:

Sylvie Boidron
November 26, 2020

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