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Garimor J.

A wanderlust who loves communing with nature, you’ll easily find Gari in Hong Kong trails during the weekends and playing drums on the Island’s live band scene.

A former long distance runner and basketball player, Gari has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years.

A graduate of B.S. Physical Therapy with Certification in Resisted Movement Training and Flexibility by Premier Training International UK.  Worked as Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer in the Philippines, New Zealand and Canada.

Our members praise Gari for his enthusiasm in helping them overcome their aches and pains and improve the efficiency of their overall movement. He likes working with all sorts of people from a business professional with a stiff neck to elite athletes with lower back pain.

Gari believes in multi disciplinary approach when dealing with our members using physical therapy, Active Isolated Stretching and Personal Training to help people achieve their optimum potential and enjoy a pain and injury free life.

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