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Cheuk Keun Li

Cheuk joined Stretch Asia after moving from the UK in 2022.

A graduate with First Class Honours from Manchester Metropolitan University, he holds a VTCT Level 3 diploma in Sports Massage Therapy and Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage.

Like all of our stretch therapists, past and present, Cheuk has successfully completed our proprietary and industry-standard Active Isolated Stretching Certification, our core competency since 1999.

Cheuk developed his interest in the health and wellness industry after a cycling injury, which fractured his forearm.

During the rehabilitation process, he sought out a remedial massage therapist to aid in his healing. Two visits were all it took to resolve his issue. The healing power of these two sessions sparkled his interest in the field and started his journey into manual therapy.

Cheuk's combination of skills, as well as Active Isolated Stretching, can greatly help people release tension, control pain, prevent injury, and improve posture. Cheuk's clients benefit from increased range of motion, improved flexibility, and enhanced overall performance. People also experience improved circulation, balance, and reduced stress.

While away from Stretch Asia, Cheuk enjoys outdoor activities, racket sports, swing dance events, and volunteering at a local social center. 

Bilingual in English and Cantonese, Cheuk has such high work ethics and dedication to the wellbeing of his clients that he is one of the most valuable members of the Stretch Asia team.

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