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Stretch Asia has been the leading Stretching Studio in Hong Kong since 1999. We increase our clients' flexibility, speed up their recovery after strenuous exercise and transform the way their body feels. We specialise in the highly effective Active Isolated Stretching technique, know as A.I.S.

AIS Stretch Therapist

We are seeking a dynamic person with a background in sports therapy, sports massage, anatomy, exercise science, personal training, group fitness, and one-on-one client experience to join our team. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in a new modality that revolutionizes the wellness industry.

  • You are passionate about helping people, 
  • You are knowledgeable about the human body, 
  • You have excellent interpersonal skills.

Join our team of Stretch Therapists.

We are looking for Fitness & Wellness Professionals interested in incorporating Active Isolated Stretching in their treatment plans to serve our clientele keen to enhance their lives quality.

Our in-house proprietary AIS Assisted Stretching training ensures that our clients receive an exceptional stretching experience. Our Stretch Therapists perform Posture & Flexibility assessments, design and provide personalised, Active Assisted stretching programs for our clients. 

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Customer Care Sales Associate

Our Customer Care Associates are the helpful and friendly faces of Stretch Asia. This role is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of the studio. We provide exceptional and very personalised customer service, and our Customer Care Associates have some of the most interactions with our clients. From booking appointments to selling membership programs, this position is responsible for the impression our clients take with them. A successful Customer Care Associate at Stretch Asia loves people, believes in teamwork, is organised and desires an opportunity to create the best possible client and co-worker experience.

  • Full-Time - 5 day week / Part-Time: 2-3 day week
  • Base salary + commission on sales
  • Friendly and engaging team