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Stretch Asia AIs Stretching Professional Certification

PROFESSIONAL Stretching Certification


Stretch Asia offers 2 certification courses in practitioner-assisted Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).

  • The AIS PROFESSIONAL Stretching Certification consists of 70 hours of training
  • The AIS SPECIALIST Stretching Certification consists of  30 video tutorials + 15 hours of hands-on practice.

We are also preparing an Active Stretch Certification course for class instructors. If you are interested in this course, leave us a message so we can let you know when this course is available.

Whether you want to learn to stretch yourself, teach AIS Active Stretching in a group class or assist others on a one-to-one basis, we have a course for you.


Stretch Asia's AIS PROFESSIONAL Stretching Certification requires a fair level of Anatomy and Physiology.

It is more suitable to graduates of a health/fitness related degree, personal trainers, physical therapists, bodyworkers and fitness coaches who want to assist others.

If you do not have such a professional background, we recommend you study Anatomy and Physiology prior to the start of the course. It will help you understand what muscles you are learning to stretch and how the stretch affects the rest of the body.

Course objectives

During this course, you will learn both the theory and the practical aspects of Active Isolated Stretching.

By the end of the course, you will understand and be able to communicate what Active Isolated Stretching is and how it works and be proficient at giving Assisted Stretching treatments to clients.

The course will enhance your skills in practitioner-assisted AIS Stretching and will enable you to achieve significantly greater results with your patients or clients. This is the most comprehensive course in Active Assisted Isolated Stretching available in Asia. As a trainer or bodyworker, the knowledge you will acquire will set you apart, as AIS is one of the most effective and safest forms of stretching to date.

Upon graduation, should you pass with flying colors, we will give you the opportunity to do an internship at Stretch Asia, for a period of 3- 6 months, during which you will be able to build your experience with clients.

Ideally, you will go on and work at Stretch Asia for a longer period of time, to refine your skills and continue your education in more advanced techniques, on the job, treating specific symptoms and learning more about the biomechanics of the human body.

Stretch Asia is the only studio in Asia solely dedicated to Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening. The power of our team of highly experienced therapists is here for you to tap into, to become the best AIS Stretch Trainer you can be.

The Training

During this intensive training, you will learn the correct AIS protocols, as developed by Aaron Mattes, founder of Active Isolated Stretching – The Mattes Method ™, over the past 45 years, and how to best apply them.

The course is very hands-on. You will learn Active Assisted Isolated Stretching the kinaesthetic way.

You will be stretched so you know exactly what it feels like. You will practice on fellow participants, under the guidance and supervision of our certified therapists, and on team members themselves. You are welcome to invite friends and family members to practice on.

The Stretch Asia AIS Assisted Stretching PROFESSIONAL Certification Course consists of:

5 days - Week 1 (35 – 40 hrs) of intensive hands-on training with a Master Trainer and their assistants, in a small group setting of 2-6 students (Week 1)

20 - 30 hrs of supervised practice with fellow participants and training assistants

20 logged supervised practice sessions on volunteers

Observation of our team of experienced therapists working on clients

Final Assessment: written test and practical examination.


To make sure you are adequately trained and ready to become a fully fledged AIS Stretch Professional, we require that you are assessed in all areas of Active Isolated Stretching.

There will be a brief written test on anatomy and physiology just so we can confirm your knowledge as it is so important for your certification.

A practical test will be conducted on both our Team Leader and our Studio Manager.

Finally, you will receive an evaluation and constructive feedback for your future progress.


Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course, displaying the number of training hours along with the practice you have logged in.

You will also be listed on our website, as a certified AIS Stretch Professional.



Following the course, a 3-6 month internship at Stretch Asia is a possibility. This opportunity will be given to successful candidates we deem suitable to work under the Stretch Asia brand.

During this internship, should you be selected, you will provide your services to Stretch Asia clients. These sessions will constitute some of the experience you will need to acquire before working as an AIS Stretch Professional.


The cost for The AIS Assisted Stretching Certification is HK$ 40,000 and must be settled in full prior to the start of the course. We accept cash, bank transfer and credit card  payments - Visa, Master Card and American Express.

You will need to purchase The Active Isolated Stretching - The Mattes Method book prior to the start of the course. It can be purchased online or at the studio (HKD 550).

In order to best prepare for this course, you will have access to 30 videos that you will need to watch prior to the start of the course.

How to apply

If you are interested in training with us,  sign up for the AIS Professional Certification - Week 1 course.  Check the course dates for Week-1 and sign up.

Course dates

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Stretch Asia.

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