Daniel Wu, Actor

Wow! I've noticed my problems for a long time now and after trying yoga and Pilates. I was still not able to get to those problems. One session and I can see the difference a focused approach makes. I feel great and am happy to know i have found somebody to help me!
Daniel Wu, Actor

Sir David Tang,

The new exercises I do are: jumping to conclusion, running for cover, and stretching the imagination.
Sir David Tang, The China Club

Sir David Li,  Chairman & Chief Executive,

When I first came to Stretch [Asia], I was suffering from considerable pain in my knees and hips and had to use a walking stick. The Active Isolated Stretching routines which I underwent not only greatly improved my gait and hip stability, but I am no longer in pain and I can walk freely and comfortably once again, without the aid of a walking stick"
Sir David Li, Chairman & Chief Executive, The Bank of East Asia

Christine Loh,

I had developed an assortment of niggling pains. These were cumulative things that never seem to get properly treated. A few years back someone recommended I see Chris. I soon discovered that he was the best trained person in his field to help diagnose and solve problems arising from a lifetime of poor posture or injury." . I ’ve been coming for several years – really helps to de-stress and stretch the aging muscles. My voice gets deeper after a session – which is a sign of relaxation. One more thing and this is important – I just like coming here" (from the book Stretch Your Life)
Christine Loh, Hong Kong Civic Exchange

Sir Michael David Kadoorie, Chairman,

“Long may you provide your healing touch”
Sir Michael David Kadoorie, Chairman, CLP Holdings, Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels

Cliff Shaffran, Chairman,

“They changed my posture, I changed my life”
Cliff Shaffran, Chairman, Q3 Global Group

Brett Prebble, Jockey

Thank you for all your help. Keeps me at my best.
Brett Prebble, Jockey

Michelle Garnaut, Restaurateur - M at the Fringe

“Feeling stretched, stretched, stretched, fabulous”
Michelle Garnaut, Restaurateur - M at the Fringe

From my experience, there is no subsitute for stretching. This team of able therapists are doing a great job. I feel the schools in Hong kong should introduce stretching as part of a daily routine.

I have been to the Stretch clinic and feel far better than any other kind of treatment for muscular pains. I recommend stretching to all without any reservation - 17/08/11
K.K. Chopra

Great stretches and so much relief
Wendy Kwok, Sun Hung Kai Property Group