Sylvie Boidron

Sylvie Boidron, Co-founder and Passionate Owner of Stretch AsiaFounder and Passionate Owner

I founded Stretch Asia, in 1999, with my partner, a massage therapist trained in Florida. We started as a massage therapy clinic, offering what our clients knew best, at the time – Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. We quickly realized, however, that what was making much of a difference in our treatments, was the Assisted Isolated Stretching technique Chris was throwing in, during each session. Clients loved it!  The results were immediate and lasted much longer. This prompted us to focus on Active Isolated Stretching as our core competency and after a few years, we started training other practitioners. The most experienced ones constitute the Stretch Team of today; others have since joined other clinics or fitness centres in Hong Kong and overseas.

Chris, too, has moved on from Stretch, in 2011, and set up his own itinerant operation around Asia. He remains a contributor to our blog (and the father of my two beautiful daughters :-).

In the past 17 years, we have established a strong reputation, and today, we remain the first and only Flexibility Centre that specializes and practices the most authentic form of Active Isolated Stretching, as developed by  Aaron Mattes, in Florida.

I’m originally from France and have studied Marketing and Management at INSEEC Business School, in Bordeaux. Whilst my team of therapists is far more knowledgeable about the human body that I am, my focus is on my customers; the ones that come for sessions, our clients, and the ones that provide the sessions, my team. Both are the reason why I love what I do, my drive, the reason why I’ve become the Passionate Owner of StretchSeeing the difference we make in the way our clients feel in their bodies (read our clients’ testimonials if you have some doubts) and the pride my therapists feel to make such a difference, is highly rewarding.

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