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What do you want to do, in your life, when you’re 60, 70 and beyond?

The quality of your life in your more senior years, highly depends on what you do today to preserve your health, keep your body in shape and maintain your mobility.

Ageing is a choice, beyond the years

At Stretch Asia, we design for you,  a program of Assisted Stretching, Balance & Stability and Strength exercise that will help you gain and maintain the ease of movement you need to perform your day-to-day activities; not matter your age, or your current level of activity. Because, in our opinion, ageing is a choice. You can choose to feel younger longer. It’s up to you. But it won’t happen without minimal efforts. We’re here to help and make it easier for you to stay healthy, flexible and pain free.

Best anti-ageing & injury prevention for your body

You see…as we get older, our bodies naturally lose flexibility and strength. As a result, we lose mobility. It’s natural. This is part of the normal ageing process our bodies go through, a process we can slow down though. If you are in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s and beyond, and you don’t want to feel old and crippled too early, you ought to do whatever you can to keep your body fully functional.

A straight posture for a healthy back and personal confidence

Tight muscles give us bad posture, as other muscles compensate for this misalignment, eventually causing pain and discomfort. We then become more prone to injuries, doing all the things we normally do on a daily basis.

Your Stretch program will help you remain flexible, keep your body in proper alignment and help prevent nagging injuries that so easily occur after 40. With more mobility, you can enjoy your life to the fullest, increase your performance at work or playing your favorite sport, with tons of energy and low level of stress.

Do you want that too?


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Initial Consultation (90′ – includes a 60′ session)
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Classic SILVER – 10 sessions
Classic GOLD – 20 sessions
Classic PLATINUM – 30 sessions
Elite Membership (most popular)
Elite Single
Elite SILVER – 10 sessions
Elite GOLD – 20 sessions
Elite PLATINUM – 30 sessions

All Membership packages and pre-paid sessions have a limited validity period. We send regular email reminders to help you use them before they expire.

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