Peter Schneider

Alexander Technique & Active Isolated Stretching

Peter Schneider, Alexander Technique teacher at Stretch AsiaPeter is originally from Melbourne, Australia and has been working with Stretch since 2007.

After graduating from the 3 year full-time training course for professional Alexander Technique teachers in 2000, Peter ran a teaching practice in North Fitzroy, Australia, and was a regular teacher at the training school in Fitzroy.

A regular guest lecturer at the Victoria University School of Osteopathy, Peter lectured on Alexander Technique and its principles and relevance to practicing Osteopaths.

He has conducted corporate Alexander Technique workshops in metropolitan Melbourne. A qualification in Ergonomics from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in 2001 led Peter to take the Alexander Technique into the workplace in combination with the knowledge of Ergonomic principles. This unique combination proved very effective and popular.

Since joining Stretch Asia in 2007, after following our intensive in-house certification training in Active Isolated Stretching, Peter has been teaching the Alexander Technique in one to one lessons, combining it with AIS treatments; another very effective combination.

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