Garimor Jamias

Gari Jamias, Stretch Therapist at Stretch AsiaGari has been in the field of fitness and health since 2004. He is an outdoors sport enthusiast, an avid runner and was an active member of Northern Lights Triathlon Club in Fort McMurray, Canada, before he moved to Hong Kong. He’s very passionate in helping his clients move with ease, efficiency and pain free.

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Gari worked 2 years in various Physiotherapy clinics in the Philippines before switching to the fitness field. Certified in Resisted Movement Training, Flexibility, Special Populations by Premier Training International UK.

Gari was a Fitness Manager for Fitness First Philippines for 4 years, winning the Personal Trainer category for Fitness First “Operation Shape-up”. He was a Wellness Coach for Rockwell Club, championed the creation of the pain and rehabilitation clinic inside the gym (a first in the Philippines) utilizing the club’s facility where patients and members had the opportunity to do their rehab work in a non hospital setting.

Prior to moving to Canada, Gari also worked for Ascott Hotel in Manila as an Assistant Manager, responsible for the smooth operation of the fitness center, tennis courts, pool and spa and training of all the staff

Gari has successfully completed our intensive internal course in Active Isolated Stretching. He likes incorporating functional training and sport specific exercises in his programs to help people achieve their optimum potential and enjoy a pain and injury free life.

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