Fast pain relief

One of the great benefits of a combination of Active Isolated Stretching and Manual Ligament Therapy is the speed at which it relieves tension in your neck, your shoulders and your back. We work directly on the fascia surrounding the muscles, releasing tightness due to stress or poor posture. The effect is felt from the very first session and last longer than a therapeutic massage.

When tension is due to poor posture, the pain is caused by the body overcompensating for the postural imbalances your body experiences. At Stretch, we are trained to identify these imbalances, locating the muscles that have shortened over time, through the incorrect use of our bodies. We relax the shortened muscles by contracting their opposites (as muscles work in pairs, one relaxes when its opposite contracts), so that they can be more easily lengthened.

Working through a series of thorough stretching protocols, we help re-balance your body, not only to eliminate the pain, but to prevent its recurrence. This postural correction may need several sessions to complete, and by learning how to use your body more effectively, you can prevent the recurrence of the pain.

Sometimes, however, our habits are so deeply entrenched, that it takes time to correct them. However, awareness of what causes the problems you are experiencing is the first step to a better posture and more freedom of movement.

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