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A unique open plan studio in the heart of Hong Kong

In Central since 1999, Stretch Asia is the first and only flexibility centre, in Asia, that specialises in Functional Flexibility and postural correction, using Active Assisted Isolated Stretching, as a modality. Over the years, Stretch Asia has attracted the Who’s Who of Hong Kong, having established a solid reputation of a place where one get results.

Outstanding therapy team

Marcus Fung, Stretch Therapist Our team of outstanding therapists significantly contributes to eradicate pain and prevent its recurrence. Too often, clients come to Stretch as the last resort, but we work at preventing pain and injury, by keeping your body strong and flexible. Our Membership program, designed to meet your specific needs and issues, will help you get your body to optimum performance and our Maintenance program will help you keep it that way.

An open view

Each treatment bed faces a large bay window, where the natural light helps you relax and fully enjoy your session. We work in open plan but the space between the beds assure your privacy.

Clean air and pure water

Our studio is a soothing and inviting environment where the air you breathe is enhanced with powerful Oxygen Generators, making it energising and pollution free. Life Solutions has also installed a reverse osmosis water purifier, in our studio, so you can enjoy unlimited purified water.

High standards of service

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money backStretch is run by a French lady that is committed to keep the standards high. We pay attention to the smallest detail in order to make your experience the most enjoyable it can be. This goes beyond the pure quality of our therapy work. Even our sole-use restrooms facilities get scrutinised.. For your convenience, we provide freshly laundered Stretch T-shirt, shorts and socks you can change into.

High standards of hygiene

Wash your hands to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria Our treatment beds and bolsters, are wiped with an antiseptic solution after each use. We keep all equipment off the floor, also for hygienic purposes. Everyday, even the carpet is vacuumed every day with the state-of-the-art Hyla water-based cleaning system. Our high standards have contributed to our reputation. They are important to us.

A reference in Hong Kong

Our professional team of therapists, the most experienced in Asia, are all certified in Active Isolated Stretching® and Active Isolated Strengthening® following the Mattes Method. Stretch Asia has set the standard of AIS in Asia since 1997. We have trained most of the A.I.S. therapists  currently in practice in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia.

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